The sound of the comm channel must have woken him up. He was half out of the bed, scrubbing his hands across his face as he fought his way to full consciousness.

"Shit...what time is it...?"

The computer answered neutrally that it was 03.00 hours. Tom looked in the direction of the channel with sudden concern.

"Who just called me?"

"I did..."

Chakotay's quiet voice seemed to hang in the air. Tom swivelled his body unconsciously towards the sound, suddenly very awake.

"Chakotay...is there a problem...do you need me on the Bridge...?"

He was already fumbling on the floor for his uniform, dragging fingers through his hair with one hand as he leant down.

"No problem...sorry, shouldn’t have disturbed you..."

Tom dropped the uniform back onto the floor and sat up, a tight curl of delicious tension building in his stomach, his hand suddenly still in his hair. There was silence in the room for a few seconds, and Tom slowly leaned back on the bed, arms behind him, taking his weight.

"Tom...are you still there?"

Tom had to smile at the man's uneasiness. Silly question. Gods how he loved the fact that he had this devastating effect on Chakotay. Even so he still could not quite yet accept the power they held over each other...the power to change body temperatures...skin colour...heart-rate...breathing patterns...it was an incredible thing, to be able to affect another person so physically. His smile widened to a grin as he ran his fingers across his own skin, but a tiny flutter of nerves hovered behind his thoughts.

"I'm still here...why are you calling me up in the middle of the night?"

Chakotay slid lower into his chair, feeling the rough fabric against his back and thighs as he moved restlessly. The sound of Tom's voice, the sound of him *grinning* for fucks sake was irresistible.

"I couldn't sleep..."

Tom snorted with suppressed laughter.

"So what have you tried so far?"

Chakotay let his head fall back onto the chair. His hands rested on his thighs, legs stretched out in front of him, toes curling into the floor covering. He closed his eyes, and let Tom's voice roll over him. He could still taste the man's skin, feel the press of his body against his, all angles and hardness and heat.

"I've been thinking about earlier."

Tom felt the desire shoot through him like plasma. He had never felt so ...intoxicated by love as he felt with this man. They had kissed a few hours ago, and it had been like Armageddon. Like dying. Like fire. The two men had parted shaken and a little afraid. They had consumed each other; the eye contact had been almost impossible to break, harder than the physical separation. Tom remembered the sensation of falling, of dizzy vertigo, as he looked into the dark eyes only a few centimetres from his own.

"Fuck…Chakotay, why aren't you here…beside me?"

Chakotay sucked in a lungful of air. He felt light headed, the room turned lazily as he closed his eyes. His hands tensed on his thighs, and he applied the smallest pressure with his fingertips to steady them.

" I think it would be - dangerous to be too close."

Tom could hear the concealed laughter in the quiet voice that seemed to breathe into his ear.

"Define danger Commander" he replied, allowing his weight to pull him down onto the bed, slightly curled to one side, one arm lying along his hip and leg, the other idly stroking the fabric of the bed-cover.

" That which cause a physical reaction, adrenaline surge, muscle tightening and pupil dilation…"

"Hmmm, seems to be a pretty damn accurate definition. What are you basing your suggestions on?"

Chakotay increased the pressure of his fingertips on the rigid muscles in his thighs. He breathed in short shallow gasps to even out the rush of hormones, and shook his head to clear his vision. Suddenly the room seemed very bright.

" First hand experience Lieutenant. Field studies."

Tom could hear the short frantic breaths as they filtered through the comm system. He smiled a slow, unsteady smile as he mentally checked off his own symptoms. Suddenly he was dry mouthed and a little panicky. Suddenly he didn't feel so in control.



Chakotay heard the hint of fear in the pilot's voice. He rubbed his fingers gently in small circular motions against his thigh, as if to calm the other man. He only succeeded in finishing a process that had begun at the first sound of Tom's voice over the channel. He was now demandingly, achingly hard, his cock high on his belly, hot and swollen with blood.

"Chakotay…answer me honestly…are you finding this conversation in any way arousing?"

It cost Tom a lot to ask so openly, and a surprising fear of rejection was just evident in his taut voice. Chakotay smiled to himself. Tom was good at asking disguised questions. He seemed to find the direct approach more unnerving. Chakotay was perversely pleased to have discovered this tiny area of dominance. It was reassuring to feel a little more in control. When Tom was near him physically, he could not think, he could only feel. He had been terrified of his passion initially, but now he could sense a similar reaction in Tom.

"If you could feel how much I want to fuck you Tom, you would NOT need to ask that question."

There was a silence. Chakotay continued to run his fingertips over his thighs, watching his own desire restlessly shifting on his stomach. He scrupulously avoided touching himself, circling close, and then away again, feeling his skin heated and taut beneath his trembling fingers.

"Are you touching yourself?"

Tom's question was barely a whisper. He curled more tightly on his side, feeling his own erection lengthen and begin to rise.

"Yes, and I'm imagining it's your fingers that are softly stroking my thighs…"

Tom's cock jerked into full arousal, the sensitive head lying against his leg as he flexed his hips in reaction.

"Oh fuck, I'm so hard it’s almost unbearable. Its you Chakotay. You're making me this hard. The skin is so tight, I can feel the blood pumping…"

Tom slid one hand down his chest, raking the sparse chest hair and allowing his nails to scrape over already hardening nipples. His soft moan reached Chakotay just as strong brown fingers encountered engorged velvet.

"What are you doing Tom? Tell me EXACTLY…"

Tom laughed a husky breathy sound that battered Chakotay's already fragile control.

"I'm running my fingers over my stomach, feeling the muscles…. Gods…you were right, this is dangerous…"

There was a pause and Chakotay heard a sharp intake of breath, and another ragged moan.

"My fingers are just reaching the beginning of the hair, you know, the line of hair that runs down the belly to the…"

Tom was describing his actions very carefully. His fingers teased down the hard flat planes of his belly, his cock straining towards his hand as he circled round, tangling in his own dark, coarse hair. He stilled his fingers with an effort, and ran his tongue over his dry mouth.

"Tell me about how hard you are Chak…tell me how it feels…touch your cock and tell me what you feel…"

Chakotay exhaled in a groan and his fingers closed around his erection. It took considerable self-possession not to thrust into his fist and end the torture, but it was such sweet suffering.

"It feels hot, like a fever. And hard…. So fucking hard…and yet soft, I can feel the come filling inside, and the blood, it feels alive, like an animal. Jesus Tom…"

Tom's eyes had closed, and he was reaching his fingers lower now, prolonging the pleasure for as long as he could bear. He would tip Chakotay over the edge first. He smiled a small, incandescent smile at the thought.

"Chakotay…. I want you to fuck yourself. Use your fingers, and imagine me, lying here with my cock in my hand. Listen to my voice. I want to hear you come, I want to make you incoherent. Stroke the shaft, use your nails, imagine my fingers on you, around you, inside you…imagine my mouth kissing your belly, biting your thighs…Gods I can taste the sweat on your luscious skin already…I’m licking your belly, down that line of hair…pulling with my teeth, sucking on those muscles…feeling them tense beneath me, feeling your cock brushing my face as I kiss the tops of your thighs…Fuck…. I can smell you…that incredibly dark scent of a man's sex…"

Tom took a shuddering breath as he clamped his fingers tightly into the bedclothes. He needed Chakotay to come first…then he could touch himself, and relieve the escalating desire that threatened to wipe out his control.

Chakotay was thrusting agonisingly into his slippery fingers, one had gripping the chair for balance as he surged forward, his head thrown back, the muscles in his throat working to control his mounting cries. Tom's words were like arrows of lust, and he was so close…he could feel the orgasm building, his breath coming in huge gasps.

"Chakotay…can you feel how much I love you…can you feel my need, can you feel my mouth, my tongue around your cock…I want to taste your love in my mouth, I want to feel you lose control, Oh sweet Spirits…I need to feel you come inside me…"

Tom's spiralling emotions broke Chakotay's last vestiges of control. He came with a gasping cry, arching into the sensation; his hand gripped convulsively around his cock as the milky semen fell burning onto his stomach and thighs. He drew a shuddering breath and slumped back into the chair, sticky fingers releasing their grip as the muscles relaxed.

"Tom…Tom…" he murmured in a soft, lazy voice.

Tom was convulsed on his bed; the sound of Chakotay losing control had been almost too much to bear. His hand hovered around his own erection, his desire was now painful, and he could hardly bear to touch himself. He needed release. He needed Chakotay.

"I need…I want…Oh Gods Chakotay…"

"I'm here. Let me help you…let me touch you…let me stroke you and feel you fuck my hands…"

Tom allowed his fingers to touch himself. He slid his hands down to where his cock curved tightly outwards and upwards from the dark tangle of hair at the base of his belly. He wrapped both hands around himself, and abandoned himself to Chakotay's quiet, powerful voice.

"Let me take you in my fingers, and feel the length of you, the weight of your arousal. I can feel you in my hands Tom, hot and heavy. Now I am moving my hands around you, squeezing tight, using that delicious first drop to help me stroke you…"

Tom rubbed the tip of his cock with his thumbs, feeling the wetness sliding over his fingers. This was not going to take very long. He tightened his grip and waited for Chakotay's voice.

" I am fucking you with my hands Tom…let me feel you…Gods…you are so hard.  Faster…let it go…let me hear you come …let me hear you…”

Tom was sobbing now, small intense sobs as he slid into his fist and out again, the friction and the sound of Chakotay's voice sending him rapidly to a climax.

"Can you hear this?" He managed to mutter with dry humour just before he exploded with a sharp blast of sensation, his body tightening and then loosening as the orgasm ripped through him like a flash fire.

Chakotay grinned with satisfaction as he heard Tom cry out from between gritted teeth. He lay back in his chair, eyes dark with satiated passion. Both men listened to the other as breathing slowly evened and settled. Tom flexed on the bed, and rolled luxuriously onto his back, feeling the cooling wetness on his stomach. He shivered a little. Chakotay heard the small sound, and noticed the trembling of his own body.

"Computer…. Increase temperature in my quarters by 10 degrees."

"Temperature increased."
Both men laughed softly as they heard the other give the same order.


"Yes Tom? "

"You need to add *fluctuating body temperatures* to your definition of dangerous."

"YOU are my definition of dangerous Tom!"

Tom grinned, pulling the bed cover over himself, curving into the space where another body would fit so perfectly.

"We haven't even begun to explore that definition yet Commander!" he murmured.

Chakotay's answering smile drifted with him into sleep.