Five Minutes Series

Warning: This series was my first attempt at fan-fic. It is  purple prose of the most vibrant hue!. The words burn, blaze and incadescent seem to be rather over represented, as does the concept of the savage grin. And hey - who says real men don't declare undying love...

I also seem to have been a late developer in the school of Less Is More, and clearly failed to grasp the basics of staying in one point-of-view.

What can I say...I hope I got better...

3. Not Even Close
4. Dangerous

Other Stories




This story was written in collaboration with my dearest Cosmic Twin - T'lyr

This little PWP was inspired by another delicious duo

An ABC challenge
(In the spirit of experimentation I tried out the whole find'n'replace thing and hey! C/P becomes B/D - see Quick One. Not sure if this is hilarious or heinous.)

As ever, an inspiration and a true friend
"Cover me!"
26 lines of pure smut